Saturday, January 27, 2018


Round 2: November 2002

Prison was no place for the faint hearted. 

You had to do everything you could to survive. 

Derrick had figured out how to make himself useful. He earned a lot of money for the prison.

These two paintings earned them 1000 dollars. They weren't going to let anything happen to him!


Round 2: November 2002
Lora is 40, Sadie is 7, Jordana is 3

"Alright Jordana say Please." Lora couldn't quite understand why his youngest daughter was having so much trouble learning new words. She said a few basic thing like, eat, drink, potty. As nothing but silence answered her Lora decided to give up for the day. It was just 10am and already Lora was tired.

Sadie had been very moppy ever since they took her father away in cuffs. "Sadie sweetie why don't you go play at the park." Sadie looked up at her mom with an annoyed look. "Fine mom."

Sadie slowly walked down the street. She didn't want to play. She didn't want to do anything but cry. She missed her daddy so much, she knew her mom was doing her best but it just wasn't the same. 

The Bishops money was running low. It was surprising all the things they spent money on. Lora had to cut back almost everything and actually get a job. She had been fired from her reality star position the minute she was arrested for murder. 
Lora was now a critic. A huge step down but it paid the bills. In her free time she was also writing a tell all book.

Lora had never really been a cooker, she had a chef for that but now, since she fired him she had to fend for herself. Gone were the days of her husbands wonderful food or her chefs fancy dinners. Now it seemed it was chef salad until she learned how to make a decent meal. 

Jordana was use to putting herself to bed but it didn't make it any easier. She was lonely and all alone. She knew how to say please and thank you, use the potty on her own, and could even read her toddler books but she seemed to only get attention when she didn't do those things. 


Round 2: November 2002
Donnie Bishop is 21, Curt Wool is 16

Curt never anticipated it being so lonely out in Strangetown. They didn't want to get close to anyone for fear of being found out. The paperwork to be emancipated hadn't gone through yet. It was projected to go through next month before he was officially an adult. "I want a puppy babe." Curt said over his guitar playing. "Uh, I don't know about that. What do you really need a puppy for?"
"I'm lonely. You work a lot, which I know is to support us and I thank you, but I get lonely here and I just want a puppy."
For some odd reason the conversation escalated to something it shouldn't have. Donnie had been drinking, it was thanks day after all, and went on a car ride to clear his mind. 

Unbeknownst to Donnie, Curt already had an appointment with the adoption agency to see a new puppy.  He ended up adopting the dog and naming him Squee but his happiness was interrupted when he got a phone call. "Hello?" "Hey baby. Uhm I need you to grab my wallet and come down to the police station." That was the scariest phrase Curt had ever heard. He grabbed the wallet and his keys and raced out to the car. 

Everything was a okay. Donnie just had to pay a 1000 dollar fine for driving drunk. "Don't you ever scare me like that again Donnie!" Curt kissed Donnies cheek. "I promise. That was just as scary for me." Just then Donnie heard a small bark, "You went behind my back and got the damn dog didn't you!" Curt gave a sly smile, "But babe, look at him. For real."

Curt looked the dog over and instantly fell in love. "I guess we can keep him." Curt jumped up and down with a huge grin on his face. "Oh thank you! Thank you baby."

The rest of November was uneventful for the Bishop-Wool household. Squee played a lot and was an overall really great puppy. He also soon became Donnies' best friend. 

  • That 1,000 dollar fine hurt my soul lol. They really don't have much money and Curt can't even get a job until next month. 
  • We get closer to 2003 which means everyone ages up a year and I am excited about that. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Rain Carter

Name: Rain Carter
Birthday: May 1978
Age: 24
Traits: Evil, Hotheaded, Self Assured
Romantic History: Colin Bishop (bf)
Partner: Colin Bishop (BF)
Children: None
Education: None
Job: Criminal
Previous Employment: None
Business Owned: None
Aspiration: Angling Ace

Colin Bishop

Name: Colin Bishop
Birthday: September 1976
Age: 26
Traits: Gloomy, Mean, Perfectionist
Romantic History: Rain Carter (Gf)
Partner: Rain Carter
Parents: Lora and Derrick Bishop
Siblings: Donnie, Irma, Sadie, Jordana
Children: None
Education: Biology Major (4.0)
Job: Scienctist
Previous Employment: Criminal
Business Owned: None
Aspiration: Nerd Brain

RIP Racoon

Round 2: November 2002
Colin is 26, Rain is 24

Rain met Colin at his house after the funeral. She knew how much that cat meant to him. She had to admit she loved that cat herself. 
Rain: I'm so sorry baby. I know Racoon meant a lot to you. 
Colin: You know what would make me feel better?
Rain: What?
Colin: If you moved in with me. I've got this big ol house and I come home to it being empty every night. It gets lonely. 
Rain: You serious? You want me to move in with you?
Colin: Yeah. You mean a lot to me and I love having you around. 
Rain: You got those mixed up. You love me and it would mean a lot to have me around. 
Colin: .. I love you only if you love me back. I ain't no wuss. 
Rain: I guess I love you. 
Colin and Rain both start laughing. Only they would tell each other they love each other in such a fucked up way. This was a big part of the reason Colin loved Rain. She just got him. 

Moving in really wasn't so hard. She had a roommate and they shared the apartment, Rain told her roommate she would pay one last months rent to help her out. Yasmine was sad to see her go but happy for her. Yasmine felt as though Abby and her were moving at a snails paste. 
Colin and Rain worked opposite schedules and was starting to understand Colin being lonely. As a surprise she bought a kitten. He was nowhere near Racoon cute-ness but he was a sweet cat.

Rain: You better fit in nicely kitty. What am I going to name you. Idk, I guess we will figure that out when Colin gets home. 

Rain made herself right at home. She had spent most of her time here anyway so this house wasn't a mystery to her. 
Colin was never a big fan of drugs so Rain tried her best to only smoke when he was at work.

It helped with her cramps but also gave her the munchies. If they could make a weed without munchies she would be in heaven. She really tried to watch her figure. 

On the last night of November Boomer grew up. It was so crazy to Rain how fast they grew. 

  • This house was so sad to play. Literally I looked for Racoon for 10 real life minutes. I thought he ran around or something but nope he died. Rip baby. 

She is so cute

Round 2: November 2002
Cassandra is 20

What the fuck, I can't do anything right! How do I set my kitchen on fire from fucking birthday cake. 

Whatever, I got it right the second time. 
Heres' to a happy birthday!

Irvin comes over to hang out. Even though there was a 10 year age difference between us, I could say he was my best friend. Knowing him though he wouldn't say the same. 
"Men and women can't be just friend Cassie. A man always wants something from a woman, even if that something is commitment."
Literally the worlds biggest fuck boy. I knew what he wanted from me but he was never going to get it. I wonder how long it would take him to get that and stop being my friend?

After he left I dove into my painting. Honestly I was still trash but I mad a little bit of a profit from it. 

I couldn't believe November was already over. I spent Thanks Day by myself, which wasn't a big deal. It was peaceful, unlike spending it at my parents house. It was always a shit show there. 

  • Honestly I love love love Cassandra Goth. Like holy shit she is just so gorgeous. 
  • Her and Irvin really are best friends. Like they are always calling each other and hanging out. I'm pretty sure Irvin is crushing on her because he had a wish to ask her out on a date which I ship.